Data Recovery Tools – Do They Work?

When your data goes bad you want to get it recovered as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. There are different data recovery tools that you can utilize and some are more effective than others, but it really all depends on what the nature of your lost data is.

Some of the more common ways that data is lost or corrupted are as follows:

• User Errors: When you are experiencing a user error message then these are a good candidate for data recovery software.

• Software Errors: This typically occurs because software will write the data to the wrong part of the disk. If this happens data recovery software may do the trick, but these cases can be extremely complex in which case you any have to hire a data recovery specialist.

• Hard Drive Electronics Failures: If your hard drive physically fails because of a power surge for example, the mechanical parts of the hard drive may be alright. You can usually take the mechanical parts out of the computer that went bad and put them in an identical machine and conduct your recovery efforts from there. This may be beyond your scope of understanding though in which case a professional should be consulted.

• Hard Drive Arm Failures: If you begin to hear a clicking noise when your computer is on that is a tell tale sign that your hard drive arm is going to give out. If you can, backup your files and data before the system goes down for good. Otherwise you will have to take the machine to a professional as there is no telling whether or not the platter of the hard drive will have gone bad. If that happens then your data may be lost for good.

• Hard Drive Platter Failures: As already mentioned this is a serious problem. Most hard drives have bad spots on their platters but those spots a usually marked and data is therefore not stored there. But you can experience platter failure over time and this can result in a total loss of some of your data and files. This is a case where data recover software will do you no good and a specialist may be able to help.

While there is no perfect solution should you lose your data or your files there is a way to prevent a disaster. Backing up your files on a regular basis can save you from losing your important data and files for good.

There are a number of ways in which you can backup your files these days. You can either get an external hard drive and backup your data every so often or you can backup all of your data on CD or other disk format at certain times.

You can also opt for online backup with companies that install their programs to your machine and then automatically backup your files as you go. This will not only protect your files from all of the above, but will also protect them from theft or total loss like from a fire. So no matter what tools you use in your attempt to restore lost data files, nothing beats having all of your data already backed up and waiting for you should you need to retrieve them.

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