Data Recovery Software Can Recover Data From Formatted Hard Drive

There are a number of Data Recovery Software which can help you to retrieve data from formatted hard drives. As long as the data has not been overwritten, this software can help you to recover the data in a jiffy. After formatting the hard drive, if you have not created a backup folder for the data, it is a challenge for you to get the data from the formatted hard drive. It is in such cases Data Recovery Software, like the Remo, for instance can help you.

Employ the following steps to retrieve data from hard disk which has been formatted:

You should boot the system in the normal method, with hard disk attached. Download the Data Recovery Software, which should be installed in the main drive of the PC. Remember not to install anything else on the hard drive, since it is like to overwrite the data on the drive.

Run Data Recovery Software. Select “Recovered deleted files”, in case you deleted the files unknowingly. If the drive was formatted inadvertently you should then select “Recover from formatted drive.” In case you are unable to locate the letter of the drive, or you are unable to access the drive, select “Recover Missing drive.” If the data was damaged due to a system crash, select “Full Scan and Recovery”.

Now, select the hard drive, either logical or physical, which contains the lost data. This logical drive refers to the physical partition of the drive while a physical drive refers to the entire hard drive. You may be aware that some drives are divided into a number of partitions. Click “Next” button so that it scans for restoring data. Save all the data on the main drive of the system. If your external hard drive is healthy, you can now reload the data.

In the above method, you can restore data from formatted disks. Data Recovery Software is available on trial basis, and before purchasing the right type of software, you should try to test it through the trial versions. Internet is the best place to find out the variety of recovery software, but you should think of only reputed brands, like the Remo, because they can assure you of hassle free restoration of lost data. Whether you are right now facing a problem or not, it is better to have a Data Recovery Software installed in the system, for you do not know when the need will arise.

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