Data Recovery Software and Service Differences

Data Retrieval has for long been considered as recovery of information from a variety of storage media. However, the fact that recovery consists of two broad spectrums is a fact that is not so well known to regular users. Though recovery of data after logical loss and physical loss is together called data recovery, these two are entirely different in their own way, and hence the solutions to both these problems are entirely different. We will discuss in detail, the various recovery options available and the ways in which we can go about the recovery process.

In case of a logical information loss, the data becomes inaccessible due to logical reasons, i.e. loss of information resulting from deletion or loss of a file, is because of logical inaccessibility and not due to a physical problem in accessing the data. Thought the data looks to have been deleted, the problem can be solved by the use of a good data recovery software. This is the reason, that information lost due to logical reasons has higher chances of recovery.

In the case of physical information loss, information is inaccessible due to a physical damage to the storage media. In such a scenario, the user should take the help of data recovery service. Data restore service is completely different from a data restore tool, as it deals purely with physical data loss cases. In data recovery service, the affected component is examined physically and the data on the device recovered. This is the very reason that chances of recovery on a physically damaged device are minimal.

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