Data Recovery Recovered My Childhood Memories

Hi, I am Catherine. Guys, my experience of Data recovery is what would I call the most pleasant and wonderful one among others. You will get to know that why I am saying so when you will go through this article. When I was 7, my grandfather bought a computer for my dad. My dad was working in a store those days. I remember when my dad would come back from office we all would play games on the computer or listen to songs. Childhood memories are so good to everyone I suppose. My grandfather used to click pictures on his digital camera while we would eat, play, have fun etc. I remember my grandfather liked new gadgets. He once bought the memory card reader and transferred all the pictures to the computer. He passed away 3 years ago.

The incident is of last year. I was still using this computer however it got old and outdated but I somehow could not stop myself working on it. I did not even remembered all those memories very clearly which I just told until one day when I could not locate my project report which I saved on the computer. There were certain other files which were missing. I was told by a friend that this is due to some hard drive crash and that I would need to go to a data recovery service. It was winters and there was snow everywhere and I could not go to the market. There was news that the weather will remain like this for another week. I got worried as I wanted to recover the data as soon as possible. Then my friend told me about some tech-supporting company and asked me to search its contact details on the Internet.

I searched about the same on the Internet and with just once click I found it’s number. I called on the number and soon was talking to a computer engineer (I guess). I explained him the scenario and asked if he could help me out with the mess. The engineer asked me details of the Internet connection, IP address and log-in password and PC configuration. He told me that he would take some time to scan my PC. After sometime he told me about some Trojans and viruses which were active in the computer.

He told that I would have to pay a fee and then he could recover the data which I had lost. I agreed to pay the fee and proceeded with the payment. However he took a lot of time in the scanning and all the process but finally told me that all the data which was lost has been recovered. I went through the drive and was so much surprised to see all those pictures my grandfather used to click around 12 years ago. They were lost long ago and I did not even remembered those days very clearly. After looking at the pictures I was so happy and thrilled. I could now recall everything we used to do. Thanks to you IT Guy.

Source by Catherine Georgia

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