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Tracking any sort of marketing campaign is useless if we can’t run reports against what’s we’re spending. Many of the downfalls of the various CPV trackers on the market is that they make it entirely too difficult to run reports against cost data. Whether it’s uploading, parsing or just generally managing the data, most trackers simply fail when it comes to reporting on money spent. CPV Lab is well ahead of the heard when it comes to most things and it’s simple cost reporting management is no exception.

Before we can analyze data we first have to make sure we get it into the platform that’s allowing us to do the analysis. Lab makes it just as simple to create campaigns as it does to monitor their performance. There are a number of things to keep in mind when tracking a CPV campaign, but the two big ones are conversions and cost. CPVL makes it easy to track conversions with the use of a global pixel and managing our expenses is just as simple.

Lab isn’t currently synced with any of the CPV networks cost data so we have to run cost reports manually, but it’s really simple to do. When we want to reconcile conversion data with cost data in Lab, we’re going to upload a simple report from the CPV network. In this example we’ll use TrafficVance, but the procedure is the same for just about all the networks.

Log in to your TrafficVance account and go to Reports->Daily Target Statistic. Select the type of report you want to run, select the campaign name, creatives and data range. Click ‘Get CSV Export’ and download the report. Next log in to your CPVL instance and click on the ‘Upload Reports’ menu item then select the campaign and interval that correspond to your downloaded report. Next check the radio button to take your spending data from the uploaded report file, browse for your report and select the TrafficVance template. Finally, take your converting SUBID’s from either the current stats on the site or you can alternatively paste them in manually.

Once you click ‘Save’ your report will be uploaded and you can review all your cost data reports. It’s that simple. Don’t be concerned with broken downloads or making a mistake in this process. Everything can be reset and reports can be deleted and uploaded again. Remember, if you’re not keeping track of what you’re spending you’re most likely leaving money on the table or in the worst case, losing money. CPV Lab makes tracking cost data a breeze so take advantage of this powerful feature.

Source by Lucas Fambrough

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