Canon Pixma IP1900 Review

Coming in right at the bottom of the market, the Canon Pixma iP1900 inkjet is among Canon’s least expensive printing devices ever, with a list price of £25.

It’s hardly surprising, then, that the Canon Pixma iP1900 is actually pared down to the bone. Although it is not unappealing, the lack of extras is quite apparent. There is no sign of PictBridge, or memory card slots, or even Liquid crystal displays. Lacking a collection tray is probably less expected though, therefore you are going to have to be sure there is a lot of room in front of the printer to avoid completed pages slipping onto the floor.

Improvements in inkjet technology haven’t been massive during the past year or so. This is a great thing from the point of the Canon Pixma iP1900, nonetheless, because it suggests there’s no trouble with it always keeping up with the technical specs of other printers.

Its 4800x1200dpi resolution will be as much as you should require, while the 2-picolitre ink droplet specification is commensurate with the Canon Pixma iP1900’s higher priced competition.

Because it conforms to Canon’s ChromaLife100 system, photo prints carry a long-life guarantee – 100 years when kept in an album, though we doubt a lot of consumers are going to be around to grumble should they drop two decades short of this claim. There is very little stinting on software, with Canon’s Easy-PhotoPrint EX selection addressing nearly all scenarios with ease.

What of the quality? Well, inkjets are hardly ever skilled at creating great text, so you undoubtedly mustn’t be anticipating high-calibre reproduction from the Canon Pixma iP1900. Even in the best setting (at about 1.9 pages per minute), text is somewhat fuzzy and badly defined. Nevertheless, the results are legible, plus the middle setting (with a ppm of 6.3) creates understandable end results at a fair pace.

Colour graphics are certainly not rapid though. In the literature is cited 17ppm, but we found you had to divide this number by 10 – even in the quickest mode. What you make of these prints depends on your subject matter. The Canon Pixma iP1900’s colour pallette is a little bit light, and particular colours (blue shades particularly) lacked accuracy. The results are not unappealing, but brooding intensity definitely isn’t really a strength of the Canon Pixma iP1900’s ink cartridge output.

The Canon Pixma iP1900 may well be low-priced however, you pay a cost in various other respects. Print quality and speed could be very easily improved on by simply paying out extra, and the lack of an output tray might prove annoying. Running expenses are relatively high, even for colour graphics. Our advice would be to spend a tad more than the iP1900’s asking price, as it will go a really long way.

Source by Theodore D Beach

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