Can I Recover Deleted Files?

One of my coworkers came running up to me the other day with a face as white as a ghost… “Can I recover deleted files?” he asked in a frantic tone. I asked him what he had deleted. I told him that if it was a previously saved file on the hard drive, that we could likely locate it without much problem or difficulty.

He wanted me to show him how to recover the file. I asked him how he deleted the file. His answer was that he was moving some files from one directory to another and he had deleted a file in error. He was pale when he asked me “Can I recover deleted files?” because this file was a project he had been working on for several weeks.

I smiled at him and told him to relax. I sat down at his computer and then minimized every program that was open on his desktop. What I was left with was this desktop and a bunch of icons. Near the top left corner of the screen I clicked on the recycle bin and opened it.

Together, we scrolled down the list of files until we located the deleted file. He was so happy I thought he would kiss me. The next thing I did was to right click the file, highlighting it. I selected the “restore” option and the file disappeared. His face went white. I then explained to him that the file would be in the place it was in before he deleted it.

He was so glad that I helped him that he offered to help me with my giant workload. I was more than happy to oblige, and all I did was easily find a file where it would definitely go once deleted.

So the next time you are faced with that question “Can I recover deleted files?”, you will know exactly what to do to help that person recover their file.

Source by Lewis Waller

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