Can I Recover Data From a Broken Memory Card?

Everyone has a digital camera or device now days, allowing them to record those wonderful moments. It seems it gets easier all the time to lose pictures, either by deleting the wrong files or by memory cards breaking. One frequently asked question in the technology field, “Can I retrieve data from a broken memory card”?, and ” Do you think the pictures are gone permanently?” Well most of the time the answer to both is “possibly”. When your memory card is broken, it stands less of a chance of recovery. The memory card has such delicate components, and the smallest thing could lead to the loss of saved data.

These are more or less your options. Based on how a memory card is actually broken, can determine whether or not an easy out will be available. So, what do you do now? You put your trust in a product that is supposed to store and keep your pictures and data safe. In return you are left empty handed. Whether your memory card was lost, destroyed, or damaged, to most it is important that you  recover  your data. A memory card that has been burnt, or has extreme water damage, may not have any partitions left to try and save. Either way you are left wondering where to turn. Some things you should try before tossing your card for good:

Some ways to  recover  lost  files  are – download recovery software, take it to a photography developing place, or perhaps to a Radio Shack dealer or similar specialty shop. Even sending the card in to a professional data recovery service is suggested.

We suggest you simply try to download a free data recovery program at home first. There’s nothing to loose, except the high cost of paying someone to do it for you. Data recovery software is a non destructive and read only utility that enables you to  recover  lost images, music, video  files , and other office documents from your memory card. Most times this can  recover , and needs no further steps. This step may not apply to those severely damaged. In those cases, professional help may be the only option left.

Taking the memory card to a nearest photo developer may be an affordable option as well. You may simply walk in and ask if they can pull up anything. They may have a more advanced way of  recovering  your data.

Lastly, if none of the other options have worked, it is time to decide how valuable the files on your card are. It will cost quite a bit for a professional to  recover  them for you. In turn, they may not be able to  recover  them on account of it being totally destroyed.

There are many ways to  recover , and to prevent later loss of  files , but always make sure you back up your files often. For most of us, pictures are irreplaceable!

Source by Mike Marciano

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