How To Fix the ‘Authorware Has Stopped Working’ Runtime Error

Runtime errors and generic errors like the ‘has stopped working’ message are very common in windows Vista and Windows 7. The authorware runtime error is a common example of a difficult error to fix. You can try to fix this error manually, but it is recommended to use some sort of automated tools. The Cause […]

The Eyes Don’t Lie – Reading People By Eye Movements

Your eyes will position themselves according to the thoughts that are in your head. By watching your eyes other people can often tell what you are thinking and if you are lying. Professional poker players know that your eyes can be a dead giveaway. Most professional players are very good at reading body language and […]

Technician Etiquette

Have you ever arrived at a job to make a repair, only to have the customer rant and rave for 15 minutes about the last technician or company that was there, and how they screwed the system all up? Who hasn’t, right? So what do you do? LISTEN. That’s all they want, someone to listen […]

Lazarus in Crime and Punishment’s Epilogue

The greatest obstacle in literary criticism is the inability of the reader to know with certainty the mind of the author. For all we know, the author’s intentions could have been completely opposite the general analysis. For that reason, conflicting opinions abound, and controversy rages over issues that the author most likely never intended as […]

The Advantages of Blu-Ray Optical Archives

I. Executive Summary There is no question that we live in the age of information. The focus of the world economy has shifted from physical production to the importance of data: statistics, facts, figures, numbers and records are highly valued in the business world. As this shift continues, the importance of information in a business […]

Three Common Things Associated With Alcoholic Behavior

There are a few common personality attributes we see in most addicts. These unique behaviors can be associated with an alcoholic as well as someone suffering from drug addiction. We can get a better handle on our own emotions and attitudes by understanding what these common threads are. As we become aware of them, we […]

Importance of PDF Files

Portable Document Format is a computer application used for transmitting extensive information from one system to another. This electronic format enables the users in getting bulky content across multiple platforms easily and swiftly. The PDF file format is independent of the computer operating system, computer hardware and application software. This attribute makes the PDF file […]

Emotional Tapping – How it Can Speed Up Injury Recovery

If your body is recovering from an injury, you are mostly likely feeling stressed and uncomfortable. If that is the case, you can try emotional tapping on yourself to help relax your body and calm your mind. A state of relaxation can significantly enhance and speed up your body’s healing process. Emotional tapping uses about […]

Commonly Known and Lesser Known Hypothyroid Symptoms

When hypothyroidism begins, several things happen, usually gradually. The first is lack of energy and ambition. You just seem to lose desire for activities you’ve enjoyed in the past. You feel unusually tired and apathetic, but can’t figure out why. You begin to crave carbs and begin to snack regularly. This is your body’s way […]

Five Tricks You Should Know About External Hard Drive Data Recovery

Data recovery from an external hard drive can be an almost trivial PC maintenance and repair task to complete. You simply use software to scan the disk for files and clone the found documents to a new location. However, there can be some pitfalls that impact your success rate finding lost data. This article focuses […]